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Fueled by the sound and passion of classic rock and roll music, Alyssa Lazar brings a 1970’s nostalgia to today's pop/rock music.

Lazar grew up constantly surrounded by music, and began singing at the age of three. However, her transition from singer to musical artist began when she learned to play the piano at the age of eight. Following this, she began to write songs, compose, and accompany herself for shows and performances.

Eventually, her love for piano mixed with her love for rock and roll music brought Alyssa to her primary influences of Elton John, Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, Elvis Presley, and Queen.

Lazar unapologetically brings out her fiery spirit and dauntless attitude within her music. Her thorough knowledge of music and her musicianship drives her sound to greater heights than the normality within today’s pop music.

Alyssa has been performing weekly shows around Northeastern PA since the start of high school, but singing since she was 3 years old. She is now a Commercial Voice major at Belmont University, and performing around Nashville weekly. From placing 1st in the State for songwriting competitions to performing at venues such as the Little League World Series, presidential rallies, the Bitter End in NYC, and the famous Bluebird Café, Douglas Corner, Alyssa has plenty of musical experience under her belt. Her major musical influences include Elvis Presley, Queen, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga,  and Elton John. You can find Alyssa's project, "Hopeless Romanticism" on all streaming platforms.

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